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Planning Your Honeymoon Trip

Planning Your Honeymoon Trip

For many brides it is their dream to travel abroad and feel like a princess on a faraway island. And for those who can afford to, it is a wonderful experience. However, this dream is not for everyone.

One of the most important factors for the bride to consider when deciding where to go is the cost of the trip. Of course there is the cost of the trip itself, but there are other costs: airfare to or from destination, visas, passports, fees for tours, hotel rooms, transportation, transfers, taxes and the list goes on and on.

There are many couples who decide to make their trip more affordable by taking a honeymoon trip at the same time. A typical example is a couple who leaves for an island vacation on one island and then stay over on the second island for their wedding. This can work out quite well but there are several major factors to consider when making your plans.

First and foremost is the distance between the two islands. For example, if a couple is traveling to a small island in the South Pacific, then it would not be a good idea to travel by shipping. This is because it would be a one way trip and the couple would be on their own for their trip. So if you are considering this solution then you must consider how far away the destination is and how quickly you plan on getting there and back again.

Next is how many people will be taking part in the trip. For example, if you are planning a trip of 10 people then you will need to decide how many nights it will take to get there and back. You will also need to decide how the night accommodations will be done. Will they be included in your trip cost or will you have to pay for those as well? How much will your trip be and how many people involved will be the deciding factor. And finally will you be going on a cruise or a boat tour? A standard cruise is usually expensive because there is an extra charge for each guest you will be bringing along. And a boat trip will cost even more since you will only be taking one group of people. But if you will have more people then the cost will be less. I've heard of couples taking a tour of Fiji but keeping the wedding reception there because it was a much cheaper option.

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