23 Mar
The Male Psychology Of Love

The Male Psychology of Love

In our daily quest to be more attractive, we can easily forget about finding a man to fall in love with. It's so much easier to keep our bodies looking nice to attract men, especially those who only want to enjoy a fun date.

Find someone who is truly interested in us

For us to find someone who is truly interested in us, we need to know a bit about the male psyche. In order to do this, we must go through the stages of the mating process.

The male psyche is obsessed with finding females who are different from other females. This is his way of showing his desire for something unusual. This is where he'll turn up at bars or dance clubs and try to talk to as many girls as he can. Girls are always wary of this sort of male attention, but it's part of the mating process to find the one that will be devoted to you and only you.

The first stage is called courtship. It occurs when a male becomes interested in a female and starts offering himself to her. He can turn up at your workplace and sit down at a table near you and look you up and down. He can start asking about your life and asking you questions. He can make you feel good about yourself and gradually take over the conversation. He can ask about your family and discuss your family with you.

The male psyche becomes completely obsessed with finding females who are unique. This sort of male is usually an abuser. It's only a matter of time before he tries to manipulate you into having sex with him. He wants to control your life and have total access to it. The female psyche doesn't care how manipulative he is, so long as he finds her really attractive and she enjoys having sex with him.

The male psyche thinks only of how to find a female that he can marry. There are no concerns of having a good life or what he can afford. He only cares about getting what he wants and no more. You have to do everything for him, and he has no time to be a man. It's so hard to get a male to turn up at a dance club to ask girls around. He wants to talk about you and don't want to talk about you. It's your job to put you up on the radar of his affection. This is the kind of male that can really spoil you and can drive you crazy, and it's the sort of male that you should get rid of as soon as possible.

find someone who is truly interested in us The Male Psychology of Love first stage is called courtship how to find a female


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